Kuumba is an educational organization dedicated to nurturing and developing the whole child through initiatives that build a foundation for academic and social success.

How We Began

Kuumba™ was conceptualized 2008 when educators Bashea and Dr. Kwaw Imana, identified that even with many efforts to close achievement gaps in America, there were still striking academic disparities among African-Americans.  Moreover, Dr. and Mrs. Imana, parents of two toddlers were frustrated over the limited educational material that promoted the rich history and culture of Africa and African-Americans.  As a result, they decided to create culturally rich educational materials that fostered a love for learning and promoted critical thinking, respect for the environment, character development and creativity.  They named the organization Kuumba, a Swahili word which means creativity. They chose the word Kuumba to encourage children to see everything in the world as a creation and to identify themselves as little creators who use their brilliant minds to create a better world.  Together they pulled a team of dedicated parents, educators, psychologist, doctors, musicians, and artists to develop an educational organization that would greatly enhance the lives of children all over the world.
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